Pre-Ballet/Creative movement 4-6 years-
Dancers will learn the positions of the feet and arms as well as basic ballet moves. They will also have a chance to engage in creative movement creation through improvisation games.
Beginner Ballet 7-13 years-
Dancers will learn positions of the feet and arms, ballet terminology, and proper execution of steps. They will learn barre, center, and across the floor exercises.
Contemporary Dance teens and adults-
Dancers will learn a variety of styles including Bartenieff, Graham technique, Limon technique, Bill Evans technique, etc. They will also explore improvisation, contact improvisation, and composition.

Acro-Yoga and Flow Arts-
Dancers will learn to share weight, balance, and counter pull. Acro-yoga poses will be done individually, in pairs, and in trios. Dancers will also explore flow art patterns in space using poi.

Beginners Folklorico 3-7 years

Dancers will learn basic footwork of Ballet Folklorico, with an emphasis with our local hispanic culture with Ballet characteristics

Intermediate Folklorico 8-13 years

Concentrates on Hispanic culture with intermediate Ballet characteristics. Including appropriate body posture, exaggerated movements with choreographed arrangements. It incorporates the study of Folklorico Dance, Music and Theater

Advanced Folklorico 13-Adults-

Concentrates on performance Folklorico and assesses performance of memorized complex movement sequences with rhythmical accuracy. The class will include characteristics of Ballet, Modern Dance, Musical Theater performance.

Intermediate Flamenco (Requires a Dance background)

Introduces the student to more advanced footwork and improvisational dance. Focuses on advanced Flamenco technique, some complex counting patterns, fan and castanet work. Suitable for all ages, incredibly rewarding and uplifting

Available Classes


Dance Instruction

Soft Hatha Yoga -
Is a slow paced class where the student is introduced to different asanas. It is a great place to start your practice or to improve and deepen your practice. Classes are relaxing as the practice is slow and meditative. 

Hatha Yoga -

This class will provide you the space to become more familiar with yoga posses and relaxation techniques as well as improve your strength and flexibility. This class will include asana, meditation and breathing techniques.

Yoga for the Energetic Body

Tap into the multi-dimensionality of the body, find a window into the interchangeability of energy and matter. Activating the vital energy-rich marma points supports the body's perpetual quest for balance and healing. 

Vinyasa Yoga -

Medium paced class where the student coordinates movement with breath in a rhythmic flow. It is a smooth way of bringing poses together so they become like a dance. 

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Yoga Instruction

Yoga is for everyone. We offer a variety of classes for every level and style. Don't know what you like? Come visit a few classes.